Treaty Education


As a student graduated out of the Saskatchewan Curriculum, I can definitely argue that there was never any Treaty content within not only the school, but within the lessons we were taught. In Saskatchewan there are many classes offered to students including Native studies. Although this is great as a class to offer, and, at the time had great intentions, it instead marginalizes the lives and experiences of Aboriginal people. Having this as a separate course, many teachers feel that they don’t need to include Aboriginal content, which of course, is not true at all. One important reason to teach and incorporate treaty education into any and all subjects is to disrupt the Eurocentric ways of knowing and what is deemed knowledge vs. what is not considered knowledge. We are all treaty people; therefore, instead of hiding our histories, we should acknowledge them and be educated.

The reading we did focused on Treaty Education, or lack thereof, within our curriculum. I feel that many teachers today are uncomfortable teaching treaty education and therefore either disregard it, or push it aside. As a future teacher, it is imperative that we educate ourselves as well as the students in regards to Treaty’s. I want to provide my students with the opportunity to learn about First Nations content, cultures, and Treaty’s, as it will not only benefit the students, but it will help them understand the social issues we face today.

Further than incorporating and teaching Treaty’s in the classroom, the idea of curriculum being a “white-box” really stood out to me. I wish that our education system would take a more multicultural approach on a global scale. Canada is known to be multicultural, but if we are only learning the Eurocentric perspectives, then we can’t consider ourselves truly multicultural. Making a curriculum more multicultural would help make students more informed and open about the world.


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