Videos found on Assessment!


This video is of Rick Womreli commenting on the difference and importance of summative and formative assessment. This video is super interesting, and I feel that it relates and reflects my learning so far. Can kids learn without grades? Of course! But can kids learn from assignments without constructive feedback or chance for showing their learning? No. Descriptive feedback is super important for students to learn from. Students learning should be on-going, and continual!

Here is the link for the video: it is about 5 minutes!

The second and third videos are about re-do’s, retakes, and do-overs. I know we watched a few of these in class, but I feel that these videos were really good, and seem to reflect my learnings and understandings so far. This is something that I think is really important for both me as a teacher and my beliefs, as well as my students learning. I feel that it is important to allow for students the opportunity to show they grew as learners. There is an idea/belief that students need to learn to honor deadlines or time limits to get the students prepared for the “real world”, but I don’t feel that that is effective for students learning. Without hope, students will not try. We as teachers need to ask students what we need to do as teachers to help them succeed. We need to show that we care for our students, and failing will actually allow for students to grow more – similar to the parachute case study we looked at in class. Our classrooms should allow for student growth, and placing the responsibility and growth on their independent study.

Here and here are the links for the last two videos: Rick Wormeli on Redos, Retackes, and Do-Overs part one and two.


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